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Hi All!  Well, here it is!  The intimate story of the life and times of the Bag.  Fifty plus years of uninhibited joy on this beautiful rock, squeezed into a 312 page autobiography. Price includes shipping!

(Second Edition Coming Soon!)


My hope is that in reading it, you will  laugh, cry and dream! Most of all you will see that nothing can stop you from living the life you've always dreamed  of, but YOU!




Sue's Autobiography: "From Bags to Riches"

  • At the age of fifteen, Suzanne found herself on the streets with nowhere to go. Everyone who looked out for her and her brother had died by the time she turned twelve. After suffering abuse from her mom’s boyfriends on multiple occasions, the courts took her from her home.

    After running away from county shelters, Suzanne was determined to take care of herself. One night, she saw an ad in the evening paper looking for dancers. They were paying great money at the time, and she thought, "Hell, I can dance". Her dream was to be on TV and have her name in lights on the Vegas strip, so she figured this was a start.

    Suzanne would spend many years performing in some tough big city burlesque clubs.  Suzanne wanted to be more than some run of the mill "stripper". So she  created  many beautiful, unforgettable, erotic and even funny characters for the stage. Men would even bring their wives to see her shows at a time when most women did not go into those kinds of clubs.

    In her late twenties, on a dare, Sue enrolled in a comedy competition in her hometown of Pittsburgh PA. She had no idea at the time how this would change the course of her life. Through combining her burlesque  act and love for comedy, the character of “Bag Lady Sue" came to life and has literally become her own identity!

    "The Bag Lady" has been entertaining audiences all across the continent—from burlesque clubs, to comedy clubs and biker rallies to rock concerts as well as performing for our troops and helping many veteran’s charities—all across the United States for the past thirty years.

    It is one hell of a story, and I am sure you will love every page!

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