Ladies In Leather Parade Weekend!

What an experience! PLEASE Do yourself a favor and CLICK THESE FKIN LINKS below!

So, I was asked to MC an amazing event this last weekend in the great state of TEXAS! It was an awakening beyond any I remember in many years. First I met 100s of beautiful, funny, fascinating women. 700 gals on motorcycles and not ONE catty bitch! How UNREAL is that?

Best part for me was getting to do some good old fashioned stand up comedy OUT OF THE BAG. Just me and a microphone. It was amazing! I slayed them as usual. :) I introduced an incredibly funny biker hypnotist called Gary Michaels . I have seen some hypnotists in my day, and not to disparage them... THIS GUY IS AMAZING! PLEASE check out his video demo

I intend to work with him whenever we can.

I remembered is how much more I can get personally involved with the crowd when I am just me. Bags is wild, crazy, outrageous fun, but being up there on stage as myself was sublime! Everyone loved the show, and Gary was amazing.

Better than even that, I was awakened to my potential by an incredible woman who does what I have been asking God to help me do for years. I went to watch Dr. Saint James Limoges : What an inspiring lady! We ALL need to unleash our true potential and stop thinking small. Check out her page and her org. "Bad Girls 24-7! I hope to be back again next year doing MORE than justy being funny. It is time we all start to help each other! xoxoxo

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