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Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Hi All! Bag's here! Thank you for stopping by my attempt at a blog. I don't know why I didn't do this years ago!? Maybe because I didn't know how, or I was too busy chasing Prince Charming to focus!

But now, I am going to give it a whirl, so here we go.

My hope is that I can make you laugh and smile more than piss you off or cause you to feel anything negative, though I am pretty sure I will cover all emotions.

The SAD reality is, we are presently at war. Make no mistake... it may not be a war like the others we or our forefathers and mothers ever knew, aside from perhaps those who watched the horrors of Hitler and the Nazi's.

Mostly, it is more of an information war, but make no mistake... we are fighting. Not only to save our nations, but our rights as sovereign men and women. Rights given to us by our creator who I choose to call GOD.

We are also fighting to save all the freedoms our forefathers and mothers sacrificed, fought and died for. If we do nothing, rest assured they WILL be taken away.

Over the past year + I have like many of you, been unable to do my job. The shut downs and fear porn caused many cancellations.

My refusal to wear a mask unless I had no other option, like curbside pickup and getting on an airplane, kept me home or out in the woods.

My shows started to be shut out at the beginning in March of 2020 and barely any have been able to open back up yet. Thank God for the courageous who are fighting back and trying to start living normally.

Now they are trying to pull this bullshit yet again. While I was laid off, I tried to spend as much time on my back with my legs in the air as possible! Poor Michael, though a former Marine, can only handle so much humping away.

So, I studied.

Obsessively to be honest. I do not know how my family put up with me!

Like many of you, I KNEW something just did not seem right. Shit that spewed like bile from the mouths of the lame stream, lying media simply did not make real sense. Especially when I looked around trying to find all the dead people. Hell, I even went to the ER during the supposed PEAK and it was a ghost town. (NOT TO DISPARAGE THOSE WHO SUFFERED OR DIED FROM COMPLICATIONS OF THIS SHIT! YES, THEY DID MAKE A BAD VIRUS AND RELEASE IT ON THE VULNERABLE POPULATION! I get it, and it is HEARTBREAKING!) But when I saw all the supposedly toxic masks lining the streets rather than being tossed into receptacles on every street corner of which there were NONE, I thought something was afoul.

I was right.

What I have learned by doing literally close to a thousand hours of research is this… We are being played. Rather than sit on my ass in front of the MK Ultra/Operation Mockingbird machine some call a TV, I began following REAL Patriots, independent ON THE STREET journalists, and Front line doctors. People that risk not only their careers, but their very lives, trying to save the lives of others by telling the TRUTH and that truth is that this whole fucking thing is a scam. The largest ever played on humanity.

I am well aware of the corruption that surrounds us, and it is deeper and more sinister than I or any of us could ever have imagined.

This war is not being fought with guns and planes and ships... (Ok, it is but thanks to media and big tech censorship, only the actively involved military men and women involved really know it.) On home-fronts around the world, people from ALL countries are fighting a battle against their own illegitimate governments, the world health org, fake center for disease control, and the rich fuckers that run the world banks and pharmaceutical industries. (Ever notice how the only commercials on EVERY channel are for drugs?) Why not Vitamins?! Because there’s no money in people being healthy!

If you want to learn more about all of this I have links out the ass and will gladly share them with you. Just know "If you take the red pill, you can never un-know what you know!”

You can start with this one like I did. It opened my eyes beyond anything I could ever have imagined!!!!!!!!!

Then you can decide from there how much more truth you want to learn.

For more great me at OR sign up for the new info pages that are not yet being censored like the ones at the top of my home page.

Otherwise, I will keep plugging on!

Till Again…

post whatever crap, funny or otherwise, that fills my often nutty head

Yes, there will be funny stuff, but there will also be times when i hope to give truth that is all but impossible to find today. Being self employed in the entertainment biz, leaves me with waaaay too much time on my hands. I am blessed to have it, and I know so many of you don't. In closing, thank you for following me, and always supporting my comedy.

I love you all.


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