Suzanne Austin as the lovable character “BAG LADY SUE” has become one of the most re-requested performers, and one of the top draws at nightclubs, veterans clubs, concerts and motorcycle rallies all across the U.S.A.!

A nationally and internationally known stand up comedienne, activist, writer, actress, patriot and mom, Suzanne Austin has toured the United States from Alaska to Florida bringing riotous laughter to literally hundreds of thousands of fans. Loved by all, from Blue Collar to White, Soldiers to Senators, Nurses to Nascar fans, Teachers to Strippers, and Blue Hairs to Bikers, she brings out the wild in everyone.

      Folks like to say, “If Sam Kinison and Dr. Ruth spawned, SHE would have been the result!” Suzanne never does the exact same stuff twice, and keeps the jokes and stories fresh.

More like a Las Vegas Burlesque review, than a typical “stand-up” show. Part comic and part relationship counselor, her material crosses all borders, backgrounds and even languages! It is as visually hysterical, as it is verbally. Her material is definitely geared toward the big kids, and is at times, somewhat extreme, yet she transitions effortlessly into a gentler version when necessary. All shows are customized to the crowd, or type of event.

The ending transformation from Old Bag to ....   blows the minds of those who have not yet seen the show. Making even more fun for those who have!

Everyone remembers the nutty old grandma, or crazy lady down the street, so they find her pleasantly familiar, and simply adorable despite her very uninhibited, brash, and bawdy subject matter!

Regardless of the venue, large or smaller, public or private, wild or mild, she knows how to play it and leaves everyone with memories of a truly unforgettable experience and is asked back year after year!

Very few acts can honestly be called totally unique, and it is a rare comic today that can leave EVERY crowd literally in pain from laughter! In a word:   UNFORGETTABLE!

Bag Lady Sue unquestionably is that and ... Well, come meet her yourself and you will see!

For Booking Call: Angel Lee 720-242-8756

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Please take a moment to look at Sue’s Troops/Fans Page and see the great letters and pictures sent back to Sue from our troops! Sue does many benefits each year for their causes, and raises money for Veterans clubs and charities across the nation!


Bags @ Hogrock Rally, Illinois

Photo by: U.S.A. Biker Parties .com

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   Bag Lady Sue- Suzanne Austin 


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